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Woman With Rare Skull Condition Leaked Spinal Fluid After Covid-19 Nasal Swab, Doctors Say

A patient at St George Hospital in Sydney, Australia recieving a nasal swab test for covid-19 earlier this May.

A affected person at St George Hospital in Sydney, Australia recieving a nasal swab check for covid-19 earlier this Could.
Picture: Lisa Maree Williams (Getty Photographs)

A Iowa girl’s nasal swab check for covid-19 induced her to leak spinal fluid, her medical doctors report, in what appears to be the primary recorded harm of its type associated to the novel coronavirus. However don’t fear an excessive amount of about one thing comparable occurring to you throughout a swab check—the unlucky accident was doubtless solely potential as a result of the girl unknowingly had a uncommon congenital situation that left a part of her cranium open.

The case report was published Thursday within the scientific journal JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgical procedure. In line with the report, the girl had gone to her physician with complaints of a runny nostril, neck stiffness, headache, sensitivity to mild, and a bizarre metallic style in her mouth. A bodily examination revealed some type of mass in the proper aspect of her nasal cavity, whereas exams of the girl’s snot confirmed that it contained spinal fluid.

When making an attempt to piece collectively how she grew to become sick, the girl advised medical doctors that she had lately gotten a swab check for covid-19 as a precaution previous to her elective hernia surgical procedure. Quickly after, she started experiencing the runny nostril and headache, in addition to a bout of vomiting. As soon as she took an MRI, the issue was clearly recognized. The lady, it turned out, had one thing generally known as an encephalocele: a sac-like formation of mind matter, membrane, and spinal fluid that protrudes out of a gap within the cranium that shouldn’t be there.

An encephalocele (pronounced en-sef-a-lo-seal) is a rare birth defect, solely thought to have an effect on one in 10,000 newborns yearly within the U.S. They occur when the neural tube—the precursor to the central nervous system in a fetus—doesn’t develop correctly, inflicting a few of the bones in our cranium to not fuse as regular. They’re normally massive sufficient to be simply noticeable on an ultrasound or as soon as the infant is delivered. However typically, particularly when the opening is across the nasal cavity, they’re sufficiently small to go undetected, even for a lot of a long time, as occurred to the Iowa girl, who’s in her 40s. On this case, her encephalocele was really noticed on a CT scan taken three years earlier in 2017, however medical doctors on the time solely recognized her with a sinus an infection.

A CT scan of the woman’s brain taken in 2017 did reveal her rare birth defect, but it wasn’t noticed until after a nasal swab test for covid-19 likely injured it and caused spinal fluid to leak out.

A CT scan of the girl’s mind taken in 2017 did reveal her uncommon delivery defect, nevertheless it wasn’t seen till after a nasal swab check for covid-19 doubtless injured it and induced spinal fluid to leak out.
Screenshot: Sullivan, et al/JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgical procedure

Whereas nasal swabs can definitely really feel disagreeable (talking from private expertise), the medical doctors on this case assume it’s unlikely that the swab punctured her cranium arduous sufficient to trigger a leak by itself. There have been experiences of medical doctors injuring the nasal cavity to the purpose of inflicting spinal fluid to leak out, nevertheless it’s normally throughout a surgical process. So whereas this can be the primary report of spinal fluid leakage linked to a swab check for covid-19, there are most likely some hefty extenuating circumstances at play right here.

“We due to this fact theorize that the swab itself didn’t lead to a violation of the bony cranium base, however quite the invasive check induced trauma to the affected person’s pre-existing encephalocele,” the authors wrote.

As for the girl, medical doctors have been capable of efficiently drain a few of her encephalocele and to plug up the opening with a tissue graft.

Uncommon as this sequence of occasions could also be, the authors do counsel that individuals with a recognized historical past of comparable cranium defects or earlier sinus harm are examined for covid-19 in different methods than a nasal swab. There are actually saliva exams obtainable, with some evidence suggesting that they are often as correct because the nasal swab. And well being care employees can swab the again of the throat as an alternative of deep contained in the nasal cavity. However as of but, these strategies are nonetheless not as extensively accessible or utilized because the nasal swab check.

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