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Why Isn’t Close Encounters Considered Steven Spielberg’s Ultimate Masterpiece? Because It Kind of Is

This means something.

This implies one thing.
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Many individuals would agree that Shut Encounters of the Third Sort is a straight-up masterpiece. That’s not some wild stretch. And but, ask those self same folks what the most effective Steven Spielberg motion pictures are and there’s an excellent likelihood it barely makes the highest 5. (Critically. I ran a poll to check this. It’s true.) To make a film this unimaginable and it not robotically, indisputably, be your finest movie is sort of the achievement.

And but, it’s Steven Spielberg so…duh. E.T., Jurassic Park, Jaws, Raiders of the Misplaced Ark, the checklist goes on and on and on. As I sat all the way down to rewatch Shut Encounters of the Third Sort for the primary time in most likely 5 years (it’s now streaming on Amazon), I did so with that thought in thoughts. First, why is Shut Encounters so good, and in addition, why do folks, myself initially included, not think about it the most effective of the most effective? The reply begins with emotion.

Spielberg’s motion pictures are identified for being emotional curler coasters. A few of these are adventures, some are thrillers, others are harrowing dramas. However all of them have big spikes of emotion all through. Shut Encounters actually doesn’t try this, it’s far more even-keeled. All through the movie, when Spielberg (who each wrote and directed) hits the viewers with a jolt of emotion, it’s not simply shock and awe, he lets it play out over an extended time period. For instance, when Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) first sees the alien ships flying throughout city, you actually get to see them. It’s not only a fast reveal; they’re there, on-screen, for for much longer than they should be. Once they go away, it doesn’t take half the film to see them once more, they’re again just some scenes later.


Roy’s creation come to life.
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This stage of consistency is seen all through the movie partially as a result of by no means for a second is there a question if aliens exist. One other film would possibly tease that: “Are they actual? Are they in his head?” Not Shut Encounters. The one actual query within the story is how do these characters, particularly Roy, match into the aliens’ plan. The movie just isn’t a conventional thriller—it’s not conventional in any respect. It’s about private discovery, discovering out what an individual was meant for and the way deeply they imagine.

That’s additionally evidenced by the divisive ending of the film. After I first noticed it a long time in the past I assumed, “Wow, it’s fairly shitty that Roy leaves his household to go along with the aliens.” That’s a reasonably widespread conclusion thought amongst movie followers. However, what I spotted this time by way of is it’s not solely correct. By that time within the film, Roy has already left his household. In actual fact, they left him. After seeing the spacecraft, Roy turns into obsessive about what seems to be Satan’s Tower, and his spouse Ronnie, performed by Teri Garr, takes the children and leaves. He even tries to get her again to no avail. He pushed her away, she left, and now he’s off on his personal. All of this occurs means earlier than the top of the film, and ultimately he’s not likely Roy the dad or husband any extra.

Roy rejects a traditional life as a result of his shut encounters have led him to imagine in one thing larger. That his function is bigger than the issues most individuals cherish. It’s not a simple idea to grasp however in Spielberg’s fingers, it’s considerably digestible as a result of Roy is our hero. We’re rooting for him to realize his desires and turn out to be greater than what he’s, for his function to be tied into no matter else the aliens need, and ultimately, that occurs.


It’s a chicken, it’s a airplane.
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I jumped forward there however it’s all a part of the identical argument. Shut Encounters is just untraditional in comparison with most different motion pictures, together with Spielberg motion pictures. There aren’t many different motion pictures from the director the place the self is put forward of the household. Right here it really works as a result of the self is in service of a bigger reality, and when a movie is about greater than one thing easy and comprehensible, even when nothing is going on, the whole lot is going on. Essentially the most mundane pointless factor, like taking part in with mashed potatoes or driving throughout a discipline, will get was a wondrous event. The result’s pure pleasure.

The best solution to describe the emotion of your entire story is maybe by tying it to different Spielberg motion pictures. Shut Encounters feels just like the second the place Alan Grant first sees the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park stretched into two hours. It’s as if E.T. was solely scenes that present bikes flying throughout the moon. If Jaws was revealed within the first 10 minutes and we acquired to see him your entire film, that’s Shut Encounters.

Now, frankly, none of these concepts sound excellent. There’s no drama there. No battle. That’s mainly the case with Shut Encounters, too; the greatest conventional battle within the movie comes when Roy and Jillian (Melinda Dillon) go to the government-restricted part of Wyoming and have to interrupt by way of all the safety. Even the federal government characters aren’t evil, per se. They only know for a truth (as we do) that the aliens are coming to this spot, they usually’re uncertain of their intentions. In order that they lie a few virus and get everybody to go away. It’s not honorable however it’s not antagonistic. It’s cautious. Cautious.


Do do do do dooooo.
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One would possibly assume all of these bets are off when the giant alien mothership comes down at the end. That vastly imposing, multicolored sphere descending into the navy base and ostensibly dueling pianos with the federal government turned an iconic scene way back. It’s technically the massive climax of the film, however Spielberg has completed such a superb job of setting all of this up, watching it feels extra cathartic than stunning. We knew the aliens have been coming. We knew they have been pleasant—now we lastly get to see them.

The scene is each a fruits of the story in addition to a payoff to the constant tone and expectations the movie has arrange. It seems massive and bombastic, however in execution is easy and inevitable. When the scene is over and the ship slowly ascends to the heavens, the credit roll, and Spielberg has introduced the whole lot collectively. He’s made a melancholy, however inspiring, sci-fi masterpiece.

Shut Encounters of the Third Sort isn’t a film that may be wrapped up in a single snippet. Oh certain, there’s the shot with the boy within the door. The mothership. Roy and his potatoes. All of that are memorable—however none on their very own wholly encapsulate the movie, as single photos from different Spielberg works can. It is a movie you have to watch in its entirety to understand. To consider. To take pleasure in. It matches extra into the later, mature work of the director than his standard blockbusters—it simply additionally occurs to have aliens and spaceships, with a launch date years earlier than most of these different classics. So it is sensible that Shut Encounters doesn’t get the identical kind of credit score. However make no mistake, the movie completely deserves it.

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