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Watch a Porsche Taycan break the Guinness World Record for an EV drift

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“When the driving stability packages are switched off, a powerslide with the electrical Porsche is extraordinarily simple, particularly in fact with this mannequin variant,” stated Retera. “Nonetheless, it was additionally very tiring for me to maintain my focus excessive for 210 laps, particularly because the irrigated asphalt of the drift circuit doesn’t present the identical grip in every single place.”

Guinness defines a drift as “being carried out when there’s a velocity differential between the pushed wheels of the automobile and its floor velocity,” with these parameters checked by yaw fee sensors and different devices. Retera’s file is particularly for EVs and there doesn’t look like a previous file in that class, so the Taycan has primarily laid down the benchmark. The longest drift in any automotive over eight hours is a whopping 232.5 miles, achieved in a BMW M5 that was (insanely) refueled in the course of the try — one thing you’ll clearly by no means see with an EV.

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