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The Sleep Pod Made Me Feel Like a Human Worm

Whomst wants to be swaddled?

Whomst desires to be swaddled?
Photograph: Catie Keck/Gizmodo

I reached a degree as an grownup a few years again the place I’m now prepared to strive absolutely anything to calm my nerves and sleep extra peacefully—with nearly no limitations on how foolish or weird the product or software could seem. This has develop into much more necessary throughout quarantine, as I’m sleeping lower than ever. That’s how I got here to amass a Sleep Pod, which may solely be described as a full-body swaddling sock for…somebody. I’m not precisely certain who that is for, however I can safely say it’s not me.

The Sleep Pod has a reasonably easy design. Meant for use in mattress or whereas lounging, you merely wriggle into the particular person cocoon feet-first and pull its band both to your chest (beneath your arms) or up round your shoulders. The Sleep Pod is supposed to imitate the feeling of being hugged, easing its wearer right into a calmed rest state—sort of like a weighted blanket, however with out the entire heft. The vast majority of the compression can be located within the pod’s band, whereas the remainder of the design appears like a lightweight, stretchy materials (a polyester and lycra mix). Hug Sleep, the maker of the Sleep Pod, claims its “stretched, specialised cloth applies its soothing stress round your whole physique.” The material offers sufficient that you would be able to squeeze a pillow into the pod in case you so select.

In reviewing this product, nonetheless, I discovered the Sleep Pod to be neither soothing nor a treatment to my anxiousness and sleep woes. As a substitute, I felt like a sausage in a unfastened casing, a flesh mass shoved inside a pre-worn sock. I will say that having tried to don the Sleep Pod a number of occasions whereas binge-streaming Netflix, I did on a number of events neglect that I’d develop into a human worm. Insofar as swaddling passively, the Sleep Pod did a reasonably good job. It felt just like wrapping a blanket tightly round your shoulders and nesting into a snug sofa. You don’t actively take into consideration the blanket, however the blanket is doing its job. You in all probability have already got a heat throw at dwelling, although. The Sleep Pod will usually price you $110, or $90 at a reduced charge as of this writing.

However the annoyances actually surfaced any time I wanted, properly, principally something. I discovered that shuffling about within the pod was as probably dangerous as crossing the road with blinders—one false step and you could possibly go crashing to the ground or right into a wall, probably together with your arms strapped to your sides with the power of a delicate bear hug. I strongly advise in opposition to making an attempt to go vertical within the pod. Reader, don’t try and be courageous.

The problem I bumped into with the Sleep Pod, and one of many major causes I couldn’t deliver myself to make use of it at night time, was that I steadily wake all through the night time for issues like water or to make use of the toilet—extra so, it appears, in quarantine, throughout which period I’ve additionally developed night time terrors. (At all times a good time!) When this occurs, it’s a chore even managing to make it out from beneath my covers, a lot much less a constricting physique sleeve that I have to not solely wriggle myself out of however accomplish that whereas attempting to not wake my accomplice. Doing this two or 3 times an evening? That’s gonna be a giant ‘hell no’ from me, pal!

To be clear, although, my difficulty with the Sleep Pod is much less a Hug Sleep drawback than a me drawback—and actually, primarily based on several rave reviews, it seems I’m very a lot within the minority right here. Constricting sleep environments are usually a no-go for me, an issue I run into lots with my sleeping bag whereas tenting. (I usually wake to seek out I’ve unzipped myself out of the bag and am utilizing it as extra of a comforter.) I toss and switch fairly a bit, and the Sleep Pod’s design isn’t conducive to the sort of stressed sleep that I’m liable to. The opposite deal-breaker for me, although, is the pod’s steep $110 price ticket. That’s not an insignificant sum of money for a physique sleeve!

However I’ll say this: There could also be somebody on the market who advantages tremendously from bundling up like a sleeve of Smarties from head to toe. And if that’s you, I’d say give the Sleep Pod a whirl. Who is aware of, possibly self-swaddling is the anxiousness salve a few of us want proper now. Hell, even I used to be prepared to offer it a strive.


  • The Sleep Pod is a full-body swaddling product meant to imitate the feeling of being hugged.
  • Its meant for use for sleep and lounging, however frequent wakers could discover its design too cumbersome.
  • Its cloth is gentle and stretchy, permitting for a pillow to be crammed inside for max consolation.
  • It’s somewhat expensive—at $100, it’s roughly the price of what you’d pay for a good weighted blanket.

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