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Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Mike McMahan on Making Sure Cameos Matter

Decrease Decks is a present that rejoices within the nerdy little particulars of Star Trek. From Pakleds to Exocomps, from Kirk punches to movie riffs, its first season delivered a present that earnestly loved Trek’s ideals and the callbacks that made it such a wealthy franchise within the first place. However when the present needed to drag out the massive weapons, it knew it needed to make these appearances matter for the animated sequence.


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Over the course of the present’s first season—set in 2380, only a yr after Star Trek: Nemesis—there have been a number of ranges of cameos from the TNG period that each one displayed Decrease Decks’ love of an excellent Trekkie gag and the way a lot the sequence knew when to let its new characters take middle stage. Early on we got a delightfully foolish visible gag with TNG and DS9 icon Miles O’ Brien, after which John de Lancie reprised his position because the omniscient asshole Q for a short second within the again half of the season.

However maybe the largest of all got here in season one’s finale, when, after the crew of the usS. Cerritos got here collectively to avoid wasting their ship from the scavenging fingers of the not-so-unthreatening Pakleds, Captain Will Riker and Deanna Troi with the crew of the Titan—a ship by no means earlier than seen in a Trek TV present till now—warped in to assist scare the Pakleds away. All these cameos are, very similar to Decrease Decks, on the floor about having a little bit of enjoyable with the Star Trek universe. However for showrunner Mike McMahan, a part of his problem in bringing the present to life with the crew behind it was making all of them really feel earned and never like they have been undermining the brand new characters on the present.

“It was three issues concurrently working collectively,” McMahan instructed io9 over the cellphone, talking about Chief O’Brien’s temporary cameo on the finish of “Temporal Edict,” the third episode of the season. “The primary one being, you recognize, Miles O’ Brien is the epitome of a decrease decker—going from the underside and going all the best way to type of the highest. We noticed him as a background character on TNG, after which he ultimately will get extra storylines as they’re constructing him out, and Colm Meaney is such an ideal actor that he turns into this a part of TNG. After which clearly shifting on to Deep Area 9 is when he actually blossoms, the tales with him have been so fascinating, and he has his friendship with Bashir. Of course our present would make a gold statue of that character as a result of he’s doing what our present thematically is doing.”

However O’Brien, in his relationship with Deep Area 9’s stiff upper-lipped doctor, additionally represented the type of Starfleet camaraderie McMahan needed Decrease Decks to rejoice as properly. “I like friendships in Star Trek,” McMahan continued. “Kirk and Spock, Knowledge and Geordi, and truthfully, O’Brien and Bashir is superior. These guys are enjoying racquetball on a regular basis, I like these guys.”

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O’Brien was additionally the type of hero Decrease Decks needed Boimler, Mariner, Rutherford, and Tendi to be: necessary characters who preserve Star Trek’s universe going however would by no means get their very own splashy CBS All Entry present (till they did, that’s). “We have been writing that episode whereas we knew there was an entire present known as Star Trek: Picard on the market,” McMahan laughed. And it didn’t ever really feel like there can be a present known as, you recognize, Star Trek: Any Different Character. Like, Picard is such an enormous character, he would get his personal present.”

The expectation Picard introduced helped seal the deal on the O’Brien gag for McMahan. “[We] bounce forward to the long run, there’s all these futuristic, you recognize, like this stunning group of various sorts of species from TNG. They’re all sitting there studying and like a ravishing exterior atmosphere. And so they’re about to study an important individual in Starfleet,” the showrunner added. “The viewers’s brains ought to have been like, ‘Oh, I’m about to see a statue of Kirk, of Picard, or one among these often celebrated individuals.’ And it simply actually tickled us to be like, ‘No, let’s subvert that, will probably be comedic that it received’t be a type of different guys, and as a substitute it’s this man that we like.’”

McMahan had one more reason to present Miles a name out that reaches again into his personal Trek fandom earlier than he was serving to to construct a present within the franchise—pulling on fan works he was each concerned in and admired that set the stage for Decrease Decks’ loving satire of Star Trek. “Again once I was writing the TNG season eight comedy Twitter feed, and I used to be additionally a little bit bit after that studying the Chief O’ Brien At Work comedian by Jon Adams. It’s so humorous, and I’ve change into buddies with him and had dinner with a pair occasions due to our love of Star Trek. I simply needed to place a little bit shoutout to Chief O’Brien At Work, that’s why particularly it’s O’Brien at his console within the transporter room as a substitute of O’Brien on Deep Area 9 preventing Cardassians.”

If Miles represented Decrease Decks’ unsung heroes and the bonds they forge, then its largest cameos needed to stand shoulder to shoulder with these heroes after their very own arcs had climaxed within the season finale. After Boimler, Mariner, and the remainder of the Cerritos crew got here collectively to ensure the Pakleds couldn’t tear the ship aside for, properly, elements, they discover themselves dealing with much more Pakled ships…till the well timed arrival of the usS. Titan and its crew, captained by none aside from William Riker. It’s the second time this year Jonathan Frakes has proven as much as save a Star Trek present’s season finale.

“I knew that Riker and Troi have been going to point out up in Picard,” McMahan mentioned of the stunning similarity between it and Decrease Deckstactical Imzadi deployment. “I did not know that on the very finish of Picard, Riker swoops in to avoid wasting the day with a fleet. I do must admit, once I did discover that out, we have been so deep into manufacturing, as a result of animation has such a distinct cycle than live-action, that it was far too late to do something to make to melt the type of similarities. To be completely sincere, whereas it feels for a fan prefer it has an echoing similarity to it, it’s a distinct period, a distinct ship.”


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What makes Riker’s second occasion of exhibiting up because the Starfleet cavalry totally different for McMahan is that the second shouldn’t be simply about Riker. “It’s additionally the Titan. It’s this concept that, like, this different non-Enterprise ship, of an individual who’s moved up in rank like that, the Titan itself is such a giant character in that second,” McMahan defined. “After which, after all, the fashion of the uniform and Troi being there, and that second of all people being rewound again in time to 2380, it does really feel considerably totally different [to Picard].”

“The Riker you meet in Picard has been by a lot extra in life than our Riker,” McMahan continued. “Our Riker is type of like, a dad, who loves being a dad of a ship. He’s making dad jokes, he loves jazz, he loves saying ‘Give me warp within the issue 5, six, seven, eight!’ I believe he goes to warp eight on a regular basis, simply so he can say that.”

The triumphant arrival of Riker, Troi, and the Titan is Decrease Decks celebrating the bigger a part of itself in probably the most nostalgic method—previous buddies, phasers firing away as a beloved fan-favorite ship, by no means formally seen on TV earlier than, saves the day and the TNG theme blares within the background. And due to that, McMahan needed to make sure that Decrease Decks wasn’t flippant about leveraging these characters. “That’s an enormous episode with an enormous second in it, proper? We simply needed it to be each…we needed to geek out exhausting, as a result of we bought to do it, however we additionally needed to be actually cautious with it,” McMahan mentioned.

“A part of the carefulness is with working with John Van Citters [Vice President for Star Trek Brand Management] and CBS to ensure we’ve all of their inside designs for the Titan, which had by no means appeared on display screen earlier than however had been on the duvet of books, and had been in video games. We simply needed to ensure we bought it proper as a result of there are followers on the market for who the Titan is a favourite ship. We weren’t gonna step on that. After which working with our CG workforce in order that when it is available in, it actually feels just like the Titan, as a result of we have been the primary individuals who have been going to outline what the Titan seems to be like and the way it strikes on display screen.”

That degree of element utilized to how Decrease Decks visualized Riker and Troi, too. “On prime of that, ensuring that the designs for [Jonathan] Frakes and Marina [Sirtis] match into the present and match within the period for them. However one other component for it was my type of fandom for these two, being the type of issues that I’m in love with them for—that these have been expressed in it,” McMahan added. “Not simply issues just like the Riker design being tall, however ensuring issues like, Marina’s pupils have been larger on the Troi design, within the precise drawings. I simply needed to make you’re feeling like you would go ‘Oh, I want I might see an entire present about what these guys are as much as on the Titan,’ like, what’s their present like? Making it really feel like this was at some point in an even bigger story about these guys.”

It was a giant second for McMahan as each showrunner and Trek fan as a result of he bought to collaborate in nailing these performances with Frakes and Sirtis themselves. “Frakes is so humorous,” McMahan gushed in awe. “We had a blast recording him. In truth, we expanded the position within the sales space with him, as a result of he was making us giggle so exhausting. We saved including traces—as a result of after all the entire writing workers was there as a result of they’re not gonna miss a Frakes recording. And simply the dynamic between him and Troi, you’re feeling like that’s gonna be there, however getting to truly see them categorical it…I used to be utterly geeking out.”

McMahan added, “It’s a little bit embarrassing to say, however I did have Frakes signal my horga’hn [the Risan fertility statue Riker items to Picard in “Captain’s Vacation”]. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them.”

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It was a pleasant second for the present and the individuals behind it, however for McMahan, that second might solely work with every thing Decrease Decks season finale had already constructed up with its personal characters. Riker and Troi don’t save the day, actually: the crew of the Cerritos does, and the Titan’s there to assist end it off. “Within the precise script, it was a extremely delicate second, as a result of we needed Riker to point out up with Troi and the Titan to quote-unquote ‘save the day,’ however we didn’t wish to undo the victory the Cerritos simply had by working collectively,” McMahan mentioned of crafting the finale’s climax. “The entire episode is about truths popping out, villains coming in, issues going loopy, however on the finish of the day, the Cerritos fucking brings it, proper?”

“The crew can come collectively they usually managed to avoid wasting the day. The episode might finish there. Like, all people’s cheering—they’ve misplaced Shaxs [Fred Tatasciore’s Bajoran security chief, who dies saving Rutherford in the finale], however Shaxs sacrificed himself to avoid wasting the entire crew. They’ve received. The episode might’ve ended there, should you watch it once more, that second—we might’ve simply light out to the spacedock. It wanted to really feel like a finale. We wanted to have these guys present up.”

For Decrease Decks then, the nostalgic arrival of acquainted faces was extra of a reward than it was the reply to its character’s issues. “As a substitute of them being deus ex machina, I suppose we type of villain ex machina’d extra Pakleds exhibiting up,” McMahan joked. “Let’s have that finale second, that pit in your abdomen—‘Oh no!’—the place they’ve overcome insurmountable odds towards this one big ship. We’ve already seen it destroy a ship within the opening of the episode after which, after they’ve received, after they’ve lastly finished it, three extra Pakled ships present up! [They] don’t have one other Shaxs, [they] don’t have Rutherford on the ship anymore [to upload his virus]. There’s no method we are able to finish on these ships, they usually’re gonna tear the Cerritos aside.”


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“That’s virtually starting a brand new story, a darker story. The Cerritos was scrappy this episode, although they’re not the very best or largest ship within the fleet, they managed to drag it out. Then they’re gonna get destroyed! That’s when Riker and Troi present up, in that new beat on the finish. It was necessary to me that it was a celebration of Starfleet normally, that this was the ‘forgotten ship’ and that they’re all working collectively another time.”

“Much more necessary to me than the Titan exhibiting up was that bar scene [at the end]. Once more, I like Star Trek buddies, and attending to see Riker name the captain his cha’DIch [the Klingon term for someone who would fight on your behalf in an honor duel challenging the High Council], and being with Mariner…that friendship is nearly extra necessary to me [than the nostalgia],” McMahan concluded. “The finale is a pleasure. I believe it’s the episode that took me the least period of time to jot down, I felt like I used to be watching it once I was writing it—and simply an absolute love letter to every thing, however particularly….I simply, I like Riker and I like Troi. And it was necessary to me that we use them fastidiously, but in addition simply in an effective way.”

Star Trek: Decrease Decks is now streaming on CBS All Entry. Keep tuned to io9 for extra from McMahan breaking down the primary season quickly!

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