Spiders that hear with their legs are ‘some of the coolest spiders on the planet’

Enormous eyes and legs that may hear … this spider has all of it.

Video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/PJDM

Legs would appear to be a reasonably helpful physique half to spiders — in spite of everything, they’ve eight of them. However a recent Cornell University study reveals {that a} sure sort of spider does not simply use its legs to maneuver round, however to listen to airborne prey — and switch it into lunch.

The research, published in the journal Current Biology, makes the spiders sound like Marvel superheroes. It confirmed that the spiders use metatarsal sensitivity, or sensors on the tip of the leg, to detect sounds, then set off a “split-second, ninja-like backflip to strike unsuspecting airborne bugs, bag them in an online web, after which dine.”

The ogre-faced spiders, whose scientific title is Deinopis spinosa, are nocturnal creatures discovered principally within the American southeast. 

The spiders within the research are “a number of the coolest spiders on the planet,” lead writer Jay Stafstrom stated in a video. They do nothing in the course of the day, he stated, however cover and look ahead to sundown. Their web-making is uncommon — they create a “body internet” formed just like the letter A, then make a “fuzzy, rectangular web” that they maintain with their entrance forelegs and use to actively nab prey.

Along with the weird webs and multi-talented legs, the spiders are noteworthy for his or her massive eyes, which Stafstrom says are “the most important eyes of any spider.”

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Gael Fashingbauer Cooper