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Samsung, Stanford make a 10,000PPI display that could lead to ‘flawless’ VR

Ask VR followers about their gripes and so they’ll possible point out the “display screen door” impact, or the gaps between pixels that you just discover when taking a look at a show so near your eyes. That annoyance may disappear solely if Samsung and Stanford College have their method. They’ve developed (by way of IEEE Spectrum) OLED expertise that helps resolutions as much as 10,000 pixels per inch — properly above what you see in just about any present show, not to mention what you’d discover in a contemporary VR headset just like the Oculus Quest 2.

The newOLED tech makes use of movies to emit white mild between reflective layers, one silver and one other product of reflective steel with nano-sized corrugations. This “optical metasurface” modifications the reflective properties and permits particular colours to resonate by way of pixels. The design permits for a lot larger pixel densities than you see within the RGB OLEDs on telephones, however doesn’t harm brightness to the diploma you see with white OLEDs in some TVs.

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