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Rosetta 2 will keep old Intel apps running on Apple’s new silicon

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The brand new M1 silicon chip that Apple unveiled at its One More Thing event on Tuesday is the primary of firm’s new line of customized Arm-based silicon processors. These will make the most of an ARM64 structure — a departure from the x86–64 structure discovered on the Intel chips Apple used beforehand. Whereas this alteration will allow Macs to run iOS and iPadOS apps along with MacOS ones, it does forestall the brand new gadgets from working apps designed for the outdated Intel chips. In order that’s why the corporate has launched Rosetta 2.

“Rosetta is a translation course of that enables customers to run apps that include x86-64 directions on Apple silicon,” its developer page reads. “Rosetta is supposed to ease the transition to Apple silicon, supplying you with time to create a common binary on your app. It’s not an alternative choice to making a native model of your app.”

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