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NASA shares first images from OSIRIS-REx’s touchdown on Bennu

It made historical past within the span of roughly six seconds. On Tuesday afternoon, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft successfully completed its touch-and-go assembly with 101955 Bennu. Within the course of, it managed to gather a pattern of regolith it should now carry again to Earth for scientists to look at. Right this moment, we get to see how that maneuver seemed from OSIRIS-REx’s perspective, with NASA sharing a collection of 82 images from the craft’s SamCam imaging device.

Based on NASA, the pictures doc roughly 5 minutes of OSIRIS-REx’s descent towards Bennu, together with the second it got here into contact with the planetoid. All through the collection, OSIRIS-REx’s aptly named Contact-And-Go Pattern Acquisition Mechanism (TAGSAM) is seen within the body. NASA says the part was the one a part of the craft that touched the asteroid. The photographs won’t appear to be a lot, however in a media Q&A NASA held this afternoon, the company hinted that it’s already discovered loads about Bennu’s floor simply from the actual fact OSIRIS-REx created a lot particles throughout the occasion.

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