NASA captures haunting ISS view of an aurora melding into airglow over the Earth

A NASA astronaut snapped this combo bundle of an aurora and airglow in March 2020.


Some photos of Earth as seen from the Worldwide House Station present a mild, glowing curve of sunshine over our planet. Some present wispy, ethereal (and infrequently inexperienced) aurora. A spectacular ISS picture shared by NASA reveals each.

“Wavy inexperienced, red-topped wisps of aurora borealis seem to intersect the muted red-yellow band of airglow because the ISS handed simply south of the Alaskan Peninsula,” NASA’s Earth Observatory wrote. The glowing lights beneath mark cities in Canada whereas stars break the darkness above.

A NASA astronaut snapped the picture in March and the Earth Observatory shared it as its Image of the Day on Sunday.

The 2 atmospheric phenomena might resemble one another relating to their areas and inside glows, however NASA pointed out how they stem from different sources

Airglow comes from “the emission of sunshine from chemical interactions between oxygen, nitrogen, and different molecules within the higher environment.” Auroras are the results of photo voltaic particles mingling with the Earth’s magnetic area.

NASA has made a study of airglow. “It will probably assist scientists study concerning the motion of particles close to the interface of Earth and area, together with the connections between area climate and Earth climate,” said NASA in a 2018 picture launch.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, each airglow and auroras are worthy viewing topics. The mix of the 2 is all of the extra particular.

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Amanda Kooser