Murder hornets are about to start their ‘slaughter phase’

Asian big hornets, additionally referred to as Homicide Hornets, are as much as two inches lengthy, and may sting its sufferer a number of instances.

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Keep in mind these pesky Asian big hornets (nicknamed “Homicide hornets”) we reported on again in Might? They had been noticed in Washington state final 12 months and, nicely, they have not simply disappeared. The truth is, they may interact their search-and-destroy mode quickly.

Earlier than everybody panics, it is essential to notice that solely six Asian big hornets have been caught, trapped or reported since Sept. 21 in Washington state since they had been first spotted last year. Nonetheless, the homicide hornet hideaway — their nest — was by no means positioned or destroyed.

Initially, researchers with the Washington State Division of Agriculture tried to glue a radio tag on a live murder hornethoping they could follow it again to its nest. However sadly the glue failed and obtained into the hornet’s wings, which meant the hornet could not fly house.

So the WSDA needs help in locating the nest to kill any remaining homicide hornets earlier than they transition into a way more aggressive mode: the Slaughter Section. 

“Asian big hornets this time of 12 months begin going into what we name the slaughter part,” Sven-Erik Spichiger, a WSDA entomologist, told the Seattle Times on Oct. 2. “They are going to go to apiaries, principally mark a hive, assault it in power, eradicating each bee from the hive, decapitating them, killing the entire staff, after which spending the subsequent few days harvesting the brood and the pupae out of the hive as a meals supply.”

The WSDA continues to be utilizing a variety of ways to locate the Asian giant hornets. They’ve positioned lure hives as bait round Birch Bay. That is across the similar space the place the primary Asian big hornet was trapped in Washington over the summer time.

Whereas these homicide hornets might need a mission to destroy all bees, people happily keep away from their kill record within the slaughter part.

Asian giant hornets have a nasty sting, however regardless of their nickname, murder hornets kill, at most, a few dozen people a year in Asia, and a few entomologists say it is most likely far much less. The WSDA does stress to not be a hero or attempt to entice them your self should you spot them flying round your yard. 

“Observe it, do not whack it,” Spichiger mentioned. “We need to take out the nest so we do not have extra subsequent 12 months.”

The Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia) is described as 1.5 inches to 2 inches in size with an orange-yellow head and black stripes on its stomach. Due to their giant measurement, the bugs are fairly straightforward to identify.


Report all homicide hornet sightings to the Washington State Division of Agriculture.

Washington State Division of Agriculture

The division needs anybody who sees any potential Asian big hornet to report it to them so researchers can higher pinpoint the place the bugs have been hiding earlier than the “slaughter part” begins. 

There are a number of methods folks can report homicide hornet sightings. Report utilizing the Hornet Watch Report Form or e-mail If you do not have entry to e-mail or the web, you may name them at (800) 443-6684.

Beekeepers who might need a beehive underneath assault by homicide hornets ought to name (360) 902-1880 and let the division know which path the hornets are flying so the nest will be discovered faster.

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Bonnie Burton