ISS crew temporarily seals air leak that’s haunted the station for months

The ISS crew is engaged on fixing a lingering air leak.


The saga of the lingering International Space Station air leak has entered a brand new chapter, and there is hope it would quickly be absolutely vanquished.

The bothersome leak has lingered for months, however the ISS crew just lately tracked it down to the Russian-built Zvezda service module. Russian house company Roscosmos tweeted Monday that the crew has utilized a short lived seal and is “figuring out a program of operations to completely seal the leak location.”

Russian news agency TASS reported last week that cosmonauts used a tea bag to trace down the precise location of the leak by following the place the bag floated in microgravity.  

The ISS is presently dwelling to a crew of six made up of two NASA astronauts and 4 cosmonauts. Three of them shall be returning to Earth on Wednesday, together with NASA’s Chris Cassidy, who’s busy practicing his mask-wearing skills in preparation for coming home.

Whereas an air leak in house sounds dramatic, it hasn’t brought on any critical issues. “The leak, which has been investigated for a number of months, continues to pose no rapid hazard to the crew on the present leak charge,” NASA said in a statement on Monday.

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Amanda Kooser