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Ikea will stop selling non-rechargeable alkaline batteries by October 2021

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There is only one exception, nonetheless: Some Ikea merchandise depend on tiny, non-rechargeable button cell batteries, and the corporate plans to proceed stocking these within the close to time period.

The corporate cites the outcomes of a number of comparative research as the principle driver for its choice, noting that alkaline batteries have a extra pronounced environmental affect than their rechargeable, nickel-metal hydride counterparts when utilized in “high-drain” units like moveable audio system and digital cameras. And as you’d anticipate, the environmental worth of rechargeable batteries solely grows the longer you employ them.

Ikea claims that after ten costs of a NIMH battery “greenhouse gasoline emissions are decrease as in comparison with utilizing alkaline batteries to acquire the identical quantity of power.” And after 50 costs, “the general environmental affect of NiMH batteries is equal and even lower than the affect of utilizing alkaline batteries.”

In the end, Ikea argues that if everybody who purchased these 300 million disposable batteries purchased the retailer’s reusable cells, used them in

“high-drain” units, and recharged them 50+ occasions, we would have 5,000 fewer tons of useless batteries in landfills. Now, contemplating how lengthy it might take for these NIMH batteries to develop into environmental net-positives in comparison with disposable alkaline cells, the ramifications of Ikea’s eco-friendly shift will in all probability take years to completely discern. Nonetheless, it is a large world model making a worthwhile long-term name, and we’re glad to see it. This is hoping Ikea decides to be simply as fastidious about sustainability when its smart speakers and linked house devices hit the tip of their usable lives.

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