I ate one of the new Dunkin’ zesty-hot Spicy Ghost Pepper Donuts, and here’s what happened

This Twin Peaks tapestry was the proper place to eat my ghost pepper donut.

Amanda Kooser/PJDM

I like spicy issues. New Mexico inexperienced chile. A “hottest hot sauce” developed by GE. And now Dunkin’s Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut, a limited-time creation aimed on the Halloween market.

“A deliciously daring donut that delivers the warmth with each chunk, the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut is a basic yeast donut ring, topped with a strawberry flavored icing that encompasses a daring mix of cayenne and ghost pepper, and completed with purple sanding sugar for a scorching look,” Dunkin’ said in a statement on Wednesday. 

Sure, please, mentioned I.

These are the culprits, Dunkin’s Spicy Ghost Pepper Donuts.

Amanda Kooser/PJDM

Ghost peppers rank among the many world’s hottest peppers, although the aptly named Carolina Reaper currently holds the crown when it comes to the Guinness World Records. I’ve grown ghost peppers. I’ve nibbled on ghost peppers with a mixture of warning, awe and worry. I’ve no want for something hotter than that.

My real response to consuming a ghost pepper donut: a mixture of disbelief, amusement and pleasure.

Amanda Kooser/PJDM

Regardless of my spicy-foods bravado, I am secretly a light-weight. My Midwestern, corn-raised palate begs for mercy after I attain for the Tapatio. However I do it anyway as a result of I crave the burn, the adrenaline, the push of feeling alive.

And so I ate the hell out of that ghost pepper donut. Whereas standing in entrance of the Twin Peaks tapestry in my workplace.

The style began as basic yeast donut, a lightweight and fluffy sensation of sweetness. I knew instantly this wasn’t a standard model of the fried confection. The warmth kicked in fast, constructing with every chunk whereas the strawberry taste lurked like a shadow within the background. 

My nostril ran. I obtained just a little purple within the face. 5 minutes later and I might nonetheless really feel the lingering sensation of the pepper in every single place from the tip of my tongue to the again of my throat to some unknowable place I assumed was the underside of my esophagus.

The donut was sneaky, however not dastardly. It did not wreck my abdomen like GE’s devilish scorching sauce. My intestinal tract will not pay the worth for my peppery pretensions. 

In the event you’re a warmth hound, this donut might be however a light diversion out of your fiery meals pursuits. If bell peppers are extra your pace, you may get a thrill from exploring the spicier aspect of sweets.

The ghost pepper goodies might be out there at taking part Dunkin’ places within the US till December. 

I nonetheless have one Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut left. I believe I will reserve it for pleased hour tonight with a French’s Mustard Beer.

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Amanda Kooser