Halloween Google Doodle game resurrects Momo the black cat

Momo the black cat is baaaack! Click on the picture to play.


Halloween Google Doodle recreation resurrects Momo the black cat

Google has introduced again Momo the black cat to assist have fun this 12 months’s Halloween. When final we noticed our lovely however fearless feline, he was helping defend the Magic Cat Academy from a horde of invading spirits. on Halloween 2016.

This 12 months, Momo is taking a deep dive — underwater! — as he defends new buddies from the Large Boss ghost and its college of ghouls. Momo could also be susceptible to one other attainable disaster with out your assist.

Momo is being besieged by phantoms with easy symbols hovering over their heads. To conquer the fish, you have to assist Momo strike them down together with his magic wand through the use of your cursor to attract the symbols. When there are a number of symbols, it’s a must to draw them within the order they seem from left to proper.


Prepared to provide Momo a hand?


There are 4 ranges of recreation play that turn into progressively tougher to play. The primary stage — as a result of it is closest to the floor initially of our quest — known as the daylight stage. It options an aquatic foe referred to as the Immortal Jellyfish, which when it is nearing demise, can revert to polyp stage and restart its lifecycle.

Degree two takes us deeper into the darkish with the Twilight Zone. There are not any signposts right here, however you’ll encounter a foe referred to as Boops Boops that has massive, buggy eyes.

For stage three, the Midnight Zone will pit you in opposition to the Vampire Squid, which regardless of its title, would not suck or drink blood. Actually, it would not have enamel.

When you can survive this lengthy, your fourth and remaining take a look at is in The Abyss the place you’ll face off with the Anglerfish. This spooky, deep-sea dweller has a big head and mouth that options lengthy, fang-like enamel. It makes use of a glowing progress on the finish of its modified dorsal fin backbone referred to as an esca to draw prey.

You begin with a five-heart lifeline. You lose a coronary heart each time a fish touches Momo, and the sport ends if you run out of  hearts, however you’ll be able to earn the hearts again.

When you’re fishing for an additional addicting Halloween recreation, Google delivers. So dive in!

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Steven Musil