Google Doodle celebrates periodic table pioneer Lothar Meyer

Google celebrates the 190th birthday of German chemist Lothar Meyer.


For those who ever needed to memorize the periodic desk of chemical parts, the title Lothar Meyer could also be acquainted to you.

For it was Meyer, a German chemist, professor and creator, who was considered one of two scientists to pioneer the earliest periodic tables and uncover the periodic legislation of chemical parts. To rejoice his contribution to science, Google devoted its Doodle on Wednesday to Meyer on his 190th birthday.

Born Julius Lothar Meyer in Varel, Germany, in 1830, Meyer initially adopted in his father’s footsteps, learning medication. However after a couple of years of research, he shifted his focus to chemistry and started educating science.

In 1864, Meyer printed Die modernen Theorien der Chemis (Trendy Chemical Idea), which contained an early model of the periodic desk containing 28 parts categorized for the primary time into six households primarily based on their atomic weight.

On the similar time that Meyer was engaged on his desk, Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev was formulating his personal periodic desk, which featured an association he mentioned got here to him in a dream. Meyer’s preliminary sample organized the weather in horizontal type, however earlier than he might publish a revision in vertical type in 1870, Mendeleev printed a periodic desk in 1869 that included all the weather recognized on the time and corrected some atomic weights. 

A number of months later, Meyer printed his revision, which included a line chart displaying the connection between atomic quantity and atomic weight and the periodic relationship of the weather. Meyer’s chart is depicted on the chalkboard of Wednesday’s Doodle.

Although Meyer developed his revision independently, he acknowledged Mendeleev’s precedence.

In recognition of their work on periodic legislation, each Meyer and Mendeleev have been awarded the Davy Medal by the Royal Society in 1882.

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