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Ford’s autonomous cars are delivering fresh produce in Miami

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Ford’s long-running Miami self-driving car tests would possibly simply show very important in the course of the pandemic. The automaker, Argo AI and The Schooling Fund are running an eight-week pilot program that makes use of autonomous Fusion Hybrid automobiles to ship contemporary produce to Miami-Dade County college students studying at residence. Schooling Fund members load fruit and veggies into the check automobiles, which drop them off on the properties of about 50 households in a bid to advertise more healthy consuming.

It’s not strictly a driverless check. Two Argo AI specialists sit in every automobile to watch the check, take over if mandatory and make the ultimate (contactless) supply. Nonetheless, it helps check the self-driving AI in a mixture of real-world conditions starting from condominium complexes to driveways, together with locations with none parking.

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