I don’t even know where to begin.

I don’t even know the place to start.
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Batman: The Animated Series, and, hell, your complete DC Animated Universe of exhibits spearheaded by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, are so beloved that in all my years doing Worst Episode Ever I by no means touched them. In any case, I figured even the worst B: TAS episode would most likely nonetheless be miles above a lot of the crap I normally write about. I figured unsuitable. 

“Critters” was a part of the second season of The New Batman Adventures (the direct sequel to/rebranding of the unique Batman animated collection), which suggests everybody engaged on it ought to have identified higher. So far as I can inform, the writers of this specific episode, for some cause, very all of a sudden began hating their jobs and selected to specific their emotions by making an deliberately terrible Batman “journey.”

As a result of that is the way it begins: Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon are on the Agricultural Expo. Why? What are they there? I do know loads of crimes occur in areas the place Bruce is conveniently positioned, however normally, there are excuses for him to be there, like he’s been invited to some snooty occasion. We don’t ever get a touch of an evidence, they’re simply two dudes getting their farm on. At any fee, they see Farmer Brown—sure, just like the nursery rhyme, besides the person’s first title is Farmer—and his daughter is on the brink of reveal her dad’s new creation that he proclaims will finish world starvation: an enormous cow.


Farmer Brown and his daughter unveil their creation, Shitty Appa.
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Truly, calling it a cow is beneficiant; it’s like a Last Airbender fan dreamed up a cow-bear and gave up drawing it half-way by way of. The cow begins attacking individuals instantly, a design flaw Farmer Brown most likely ought to have addressed earlier than wheeling it into the Gotham expo corridor. Bruce knocks it out and later, a decide cuts all funding to Brown’s demonstrably horrible and harmful experiments. Brown, who I ought to level out is a bioengineer who simply actually loves farms—due to his first title, I suppose? Or perhaps he modified his title as a result of he loves farms a lot?—is livid that he can’t do his mutant farm science simply because he by chance created a large animal-monster. So he decides to deliberately create a bunch of large animal-monsters and use them to assault the town. That’ll present these durned city-folk!

A 12 months later, three large praying mantises sneak up on and assault a random restaurant the place Bruce occurs to have taken a date. It’s a random restaurant across the nook from the place a random exterminator is casually spraying his insecticide on a random tree within the metropolis…a random exterminator who simply occurs to be standing subsequent to a large oil tanker stuffed with insecticide. It’s extremely lazy writing, nevertheless it will get worse seconds later when Batman, who fails totally to cease any of the mantises from doing something, will get surrounded by them and is about to be killed…besides the mantises, at that actual second, crumble. (The large tanker of insecticide is meaningless. Grr.)


Batman wins by fucked-up technicality!
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The Darkish Knight realizes these large, but previously residing, creatures have been bioengineered and designed to crumble, into items. It’s an odd, dangerous plot choice that additionally inadvertently leads to one of the vital twisted issues a Batman villain has ever accomplished. Brown releases a bull, cow, and a bunch of chickens who’ve been mutated in ways in which make it very unclear what’s occurring with them, particularly the chickens, who seem like robotic ravens but in addition fly. They don’t appear to be bred to self-destruct, thank goodness.

The Bat-crew ultimately takes care of them, though it’s value noting that Batman defeated one of many issues we’re supposed to know is a hen by knocking it into a large tank of barbecue sauce. It’s a joke so horrible, the truth that the silly hen bears no resemblance to a hen helps by making the gag much less apparent.


I’m sorry for utilizing so many screenshots BUT THIS IS TECHNICALLY A CHICKEN IN BBQ SAUCE!
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

Batman convenes with Gordon on the Police Commissioners workplace they usually just about immediately come to the conclusion that these large rampaging animal-monsters are most likely the work of that man who made that big rampaging animal-monster final 12 months. Simply then, a goat enters the room, talking with Farmer Brown’s voice and points his demand: $50 million in unmarked payments, and no Batman.

Put aside this genius scheme for a second, as a result of I need you to consider this goat. This bizarre, fucked-up goat—that could be half robotic?—attempting to get throughout city, into police headquarters, by way of the constructing, which even at evening would home a whole lot of staff, with out as soon as being observed. It’s simply so rattling ridiculous. None of that plan goes to work as a result of after all Bullock’s going to drive an armored automotive full of pretend cash, and after all Batman and the remaining are going to observe him into Brown’s bizarre unground lair which, regardless of being underground, is a farm.


Masterpieces want no captions.
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

The explanation I believe the writers should have hated Batman is as a result of the scrawny Brown does hand the Darkish Knight his ass in a combat utilizing nothing however a pitchfork. Ultimately, the farmer/scientist offers Batman the dignity of turning on his pitchfork’s lightning zapper, grabs Robin as a hostage, after which forces all the Bat-gang and Bullock right into a silo which is secretly a rocket…

…which he’s full of praying mantis eggs.

Now, Brown says the rocket goes to land in Central Park, permitting these “longer-lasting” mantises to wreak extra havoc by way of Gotham. However I don’t see any manner the rocket may land aside from crashing, which might kill all of the mantises on board. The rocket additionally appears rigged to blow up, as a result of when Batman inevitably escapes and drives the armored automotive off a ramp into the door of the rising rocket’s mantis room—in what I desperately, desperately worry is an allusion to Dukes of Hazzard—the rocket does blow up. The episode closes with the digital camera panning slowly to the Moreau-esque island it turned out Farmer Brown had operated on. A rooster crows ominously. The Finish.


I simply realized Batman defeats nobody on this episode. Bruce Wayne took out Shitty Appa, although.
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

Once I get to the tip of a Worst Episode Ever episode that genuinely pisses me off, it’s very arduous for me to comprise my anger so I don’t fall into an incoherent rant on the finish. I’m going to attempt to keep even-keeled in my complaints, resembling Bruce being in a number of incongruous places to maintain the motion going may be very dangerous and/or lazy writing. The identical is true of the mantises’ self-destruction, which was as inexplicable a call by Brown as by the individuals who made the episode. I want to name out the artists, who managed to not solely make the monsters that have been speculated to be primarily based on cattle principally unrecognizable but in addition unclear as to what Brown was doing to them.

Lastly, I’d prefer to name out the large corkboard within the B:TAS writers’ room, itemizing random phrases and concepts and occupations which might be used to brainstorm potential new Batman villains and their shtick. Blame should undoubtedly fall on the 2 thrown darts which landed on “farmer” and “mad scientist,” after which the writers who shrugged and stated, “Tremendous. No matter.” It’s a disgrace there was no corkboard with concepts for even the barest of causes a genetic scientist may love farm motifs, however oh nicely. As Farmer Brown would say—with no emotion, and with out even the barest hint of a rustic accent—“Dagnabbit.”


Alas, poor Zorak, I knew him nicely…
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

Assorted Musings:

  • Surprise the place ol’ Farmer Brown bought the funding for his second batch of monsters he made in retaliation for his funding getting minimize, hmm? Silly.
  • Batman smiles quite a bit on this episode. I didn’t prefer it.
  • A monster-bull crashes right into a china store. It’s silly and made me mad.
  • Admittedly, there have been two issues I appreciated within the episode. The primary is that for some cause the robot-goat needed to lead Bullock and the armored automotive to Brown’s hideout, which meant the little convoy was touring on the strolling pace of a goat. The second factor is once they’re trapped within the dumb silo rocket with a “hive” of mantis eggs, Bullock turns to Batman and says, “So that you’ve survived the Joker and the remainder of these creeps, solely to purchase it from Jed Clampett and a bunch of bugs.”(Jed Clampett being a personality in Beverly Hillbillies.) Bullock is aware of Batman was trash for getting caught by this silly scientist as a result of he’s going to die in a extremely weird manner. Bullock will get it.

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