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Disney’s shockingly wonderful reboot of DuckTales has given us numerous joys: The introduction of Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s mom Della; David Tennant voicing Scrooge McDuck; and the origin of Chip and Dale and the Rescue Rangers, simply to call a number of. However the collection has additionally given me a scene that modified the whole lot I believed I knew about Disney cartoons, if not my very existence.

I’ve been working a bit behind on my DuckTales viewing, so it was solely just lately that I watched the episode “They Put a Moonlander on the Earth!” which initially ran in late September. To attempt to set it up for you succinctly, Scrooge and crew cease an alien invasion from the moon, and the consequence was that the Moonlanders who had been involuntarily drafted into the battle stayed on Earth.

This consists of the militarily minded Captain Penumbra, who’s having a troublesome time adjusting to life in Duckberg. Because of this, Dewey and Webby resolve to take her to the boardwalk in an try and get her to have enjoyable. Of their montage of video games and rides and truthful meals…

…the Geese feed the geese.

Did I lose my thoughts once I noticed this scene? I did. Then I laughed as a result of it’s hysterical and a superbly executed visible gag: the glad obliviousness of Dewey and Webby juxtaposed with Penumbra’s good expression of utter bafflement and rising unease on the incomprehensible scene earlier than her.

I’ve additionally been enthusiastic about it ever since as a result of it has big ramifications not only for Duckberg, however your entire Disney Animated Universe (for need of a greater title). First, it proves anthropomorphic geese like Scrooge—who I’ll seek advice from as capital D Geese, for simplicity’s sake—developed from common, Earth-style geese. Simply as people developed from apes on our world, sure geese developed over time to stroll upright, use instruments, develop speech, and construct civilization as Geese. It’s stunning to see geese and Geese collectively at first, however it’s actually no totally different from how people and apes co-exist now. As one of many Redditors who posted a gif of the scene identified, that is simply the DuckTales equal of people feeding monkeys on the zoo. No huge deal.

Counterargument: Perhaps it’s a big deal?

Look, there’s one thing extremely disconcerting every time the anthropomorphic animals of the Disney Animated Universe work together with common animals. For one, it doesn’t occur fairly often, so it’s all the time extraordinarily noticeable when it does. Secondly, it all the time raises questions that don’t have any simple solutions. As an illustration, now we all know common geese exist alongside Geese, doesn’t that must imply there’s an evolutionary chain between them? Mustn’t there even be thousands and thousands of years of various species connecting geese and Geese, slowly starting to stroll upright, wings changing into prehensile fingers, skulls rising to accommodate the rising dimension of brains? Is there archaeologic proof of those species? Is there a museum in Duckburg containing their skeletal stays? And what would a cross between a duck and a Duck look like? Moreover, is that this true for all of the anthropomorphized animals of DAU?

At any charge, more often than not animals present up on DuckTales they’re of the supernatural selection, which is okay; they’re all mainly supernatural monsters, in order that they don’t have any bearing on the organic and social problems with the DAU. It’s when animals present up as meals that issues get extra bewildering. On this episode, together with others, Huey, Dewey, and Louie eat hamburgers with nice relish (pun unintended, for as soon as). It’s a little bit uncomfortable to appreciate these geese grew to become omnivores on their journey to being Geese, however Geese even have fingers and construct fast-food chains, so no matter. What’s bizarre is while you bear in mind hamburgers are made from cows, and Cows completely exist within the DAU (as confirmed by the existence of the evil Bull scientist and Darkwing Duck foe Taurus Bulba).

What do Cows take into consideration Geese consuming cows? Presumably, they’re okay with it to some extent, in any other case the DAU can be in fixed warfare over who will get to eat and who will get to be eaten. So I suppose I in all probability shouldn’t be too upset about this:


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And but I’m, as a result of the Geese are planning on consuming some form of fowl within the close to future.

I must guess it’s a turkey primarily based on its dimension relative to Dewey, however it may very well be a big rooster—though it doesn’t matter as a result of if Geese eat turkey, they’re additionally consuming rooster. I suppose the human equal can be for us to eat chimpanzees or orangutans, however please take a second to think about sitting all the way down to dinner the place an entire golden, roasted chimp lies on a platter earlier than you. Strive to think about any place that chimp may very well be put in the place you wouldn’t really feel such as you wouldn’t be consuming a small human. Simply typing that sentence made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Regardless, if Geese are consuming turkeys and chickens, it stands to purpose that different Animals are consuming geese as effectively. However the largest query is, after all, do Geese eat geese? Is it taboo to eat a member of your evolutionary chain, or is it de rigueur? Ought to it’s authorized for supermarkets to promote duck to a Duck? If a Duck goes to a elaborate occasion and found duck was being served, is that this an enormous social fake pas on the a part of the host, or would the visitor Duck be compelled to emotionally take care of it and settle for it? Would good manners dictate he eat the duck?

Plus, provided that Scrooge and firm reside in Duckburg, is it in opposition to the legislation for geese to be offered as meat? That may make sense, together with all the opposite areas which have “duck” or duck-related phrases of their title, like Maceduckia and Ithaquack. The DAU isn’t simply made up of Geese, though anthropomorphic avians appear to make up a lot of the world’s inhabitants. Have they got comparable, native legal guidelines banning the consumption of their genetic ancestors? Wouldn’t it’s far much less creepy if it was unlawful to eat any fowl all over the place within the civilized world? And if that’s true, is the Duck household about to eat an unlawful turkey obtained on the black market by way of Scrooge’s immense wealth?

That is all hypothesis, after all, however the simple reality is that this: 1) geese exist, 2) Geese eat fowl, and three) somebody out there’s consuming geese, and there’s completely nothing easy about that. Oh, and 4) that is an impressive gag, which the makers of DuckTales are well-aware of:

So let me depart you with one simple reality to hang-out your desires tonight: Goofy—a minimum of the Goof Troop model of Goofy—made an appearance on DuckTales, so there both are or had been canines within the DAU, from which Canine developed. It’s the proof we’ve wanted to lastly put the mattress the unsettling thriller of how Mickey Mouse has an anthropomorphic, speaking Canine for a pal (Goofy) and a non-anthropomorphic, conventional canine as a pet (Pluto). Nevertheless, the geese of DuckTales seem like common ol’ geese. Presumably, the canines of the DAU seem like regular canines as effectively.

Pluto doesn’t seem like a traditional canine. He appears like this:

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Particularly, Pluto appears he has Goofy’s face on an irregular canine physique—paws too huge, proto-fingers too lengthy, legs lacking its haunches because it begins its evolution to strolling upright. In conclusion, Mickey Mouse retains a canine neanderthal as a pet. And if DuckTales actually solved the Goofy/Pluto thriller, the reply is way extra disturbing than anybody might have anticipated.


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