Cyberpunk 2077: Is this an Elon Musk cameo?


CD Projekt Pink/screenshot by PJDM

“See you in 2077,” Elon Musk tweeted with a wink last year as he unveiled his Tesla truck, starting hypothesis that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO would seem in Cyberpunk 2077. I used to be fortunate sufficient to review the game — due for launch on Thursday — and it did not take lengthy for me to identify a background character that appears lots like Musk. 

At the start of the sport, you’ve got the choice for 3 backstories for V, the principle character. You can also make V a nomad, streetkid or corpo. Your selection impacts how the sport opens and alters dialogue out there all through. Having tried streetkid once I demoed the sport earlier this yr, I offered out and went company.

When you select corpo the sport’s opening scene might be V vomiting right into a sink, mother’s spaghetti fashion, at a giant company’s HQ. You get a name from a buddy and speak to him about how nervous you’re. As this goes on, a nervous go well with walks into the toilet. You’ve got the choice to both say nothing or aggressively ask what the orderly is taking a look at. Both manner, he’ll skulk off.

At first the cyberware on the man’s face disguises his Muskness somewhat, however as he turns to the facet and also you see his profile he turns into unmistakably Musk.

CD Projekt Pink/screenshot by PJDM


CD Projekt Pink/screenshot by PJDM

Greater than Musk himself, folks have anticipated the Tesla Cybertruck to seem in Cyberpunk 2077. I have never noticed it but, however this can be a enormous recreation with many, many sidequests. So it might be on the market, roaming the streets of Night time Metropolis as I write this. 

Whether it is certainly Musk, it is from the primary cameo he is made in a big-name title. Musk has appeared in Iron Man 2, The Simpsons and likewise in Rick and Morty — as Elon Tusk

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Daniel Van Boom