Build Backlinks

Build Backlinks: How to create content material for these sites

Build Backlinks: This educational will assist you to create content for the distinct submission sites. You can turn one piece of content into several unique content types.

Step by Step Guide to Build Build Backlinks

Step 1: Write a brief article

You want content material that you can publish to different websites. Start with a well-written article that incorporates 300-500 words. Focus on an unmarried topic and target a selected keyword within the article.
Start by submitting that article to article directories. Here are some recommendations for writing suitable articles:
• Make the thing headline as catchy as possible. Articles that contain “How to” or numbers (“10 things that…”) generally work well.
• Start with a brief introduction. Explain the problem which you will speak for your article.
• Discuss numerous solutions to the trouble in the frame of the article. Keep the paragraphs brief. If possible, use bullets and sub-headings.
• End your article with a brief summary and with a name to action.

Step 2: Convert the thing to a press launch

If your article focuses on an unmarried subject matter, it’s far relatively clean to transform it as a press release. Press releases have a particular format. If you want to get maximum distribution, your press launch must have the best format. Submit your press release to press release sites.

Step 3: Convert the article to a step by step tutorial

As explained in step 1, your article should offer a solution to certain trouble. If your article isn’t already a “How to” article, rewrite it so that you can submit it to tutorial sites.

Step 4: Convert the thing to PowerPoint presentation

It’s not tough to transform a how-to article right into a PowerPoint presentation. Describe the problem on the first presentation slide and special answers on the subsequent slides. If you don’t have PowerPoint, use the presentation tool in OpenOffice (see step 7). Submit the presentation to slides and presentation sites.

Step 5: Convert the PowerPoint presentation right into a video

Use a screen recording device and file the screen as you talk and click through your presentation. Submit the recorded video to video directories.
Use a display screen recording tool and record the screen as you talk and click-thru your presentation. Submit the recorded video to video directories.

Step 6: Convert the article to a video

Another manner to create a video is to record yourself reading the thing aloud (of course, it must appear like you’re talking freely). You can record the video with any webcam or digital camera. Submit the recorded video to video directories.

Step 7: Convert the item to a PDF report

Unfastened OpenOffice office software program suite allows you to store any file speedy as a PDF file (File > Export as > PDF). If your PDF document has enough pages, you may publish it to eBook sites.

Step 8: Convert the item to a podcast

Converting your article into a podcast is clean. Just examine your article aloud and file your voice with an audio tool. Then submit the report to podcast directories. Save time with submission helpers

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Submitting your website to various varieties of websites usually a method that you need to fill out a number of internet bureaucracy.

Following web browser plugins fill out forms automatically so you will store quite a few time when filing your site:
• Firefox: Autofill Forms
• Google Chrome: iMacros
• MS Internet Explorer: built-in
• Safari: built-in

We advocate the loose Autofill Forms plugin for Firefox. It takes a while to set it up but then it really works very efficiently.




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