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Sonos Five High-Fidelity Speaker | $400 | Greatest Purchase
Sonos Five High-Fidelity Speaker | $400 | Amazon

When most of your at-home listening was limited to catching up on podcasts over dinner and bumping a few tunes in the shower, you may not have concerned yourself too much with audio quality. That may have changed now that we’re all stuck inside and trying to do anything to keep use from getting antsy. One way to do that is to crank up the volume and get your favorite playlist going. Sure, a good Bluetooth speaker will do just fine, but a higher-end speaker like one from Sonos’s lineup will give you better quality and a more integrated experience. Right now, the company’s high-end Five speaker is down from $500 to $400 on Amazon and at Greatest Purchase, saving you $100. It’s not going to take it into impulse purchase territory, however when you’ve been eyeing standalone speaker, you received’t be upset. You may even seize two and pair them up, or tie them into your current Sonos setup when you’ve already obtained an arsenal going.

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