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Aukey Key-Series B60 Bluetooth Earbuds | $15 | Amazon | Clip $25 coupon

At just $15, if you haven’t fallen in love with true wireless earbuds, these tethered Aukey B60 buds still give you enough wireless freedom to step away from your smartphone and keep the tunes going. That’s the price when you click the coupon at Amazon, saving you $25.

The Aukey B60 feature 8-hour battery life, which is rechargeable via the inline volume and track control over a fast USB-C line. Aukey advertises you can get back up to 80 minutes of listening time with 30 minutes of charging. These are ideal for working out thanks to IPX6 water resistance and ear fin attachments to keep them snug while you’re jumping your jacks. They also have a cool power function whereby you join the two buds together at their magnetic points to turn them off, and separate them whenever you’re ready to dance.

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