Amazon unboxes brand-new Razr phones to fold them shut before shipping


Should you purchase a brand new, foldable Motorola Razr with 5G from Amazon, be ready for a shock upon unboxing it. Specifically, somebody from Amazon could have gotten there first.


The brand new Motorla Razr ships in a particular field that exhibits off the unfolded display. Amazon is opening them as much as fold the cellphone shut earlier than transport them out.


“NOTE: initially, Razr was meant to be shipped within the unfolded place,” reads a notice on the prime of the unlocked phone’s Amazon listing (and a hat-tip to our buddies at The Verge for spotting it). “Nevertheless, so as to higher defend the show we now have folded your Razr — it is safer, however could not look as elegant as we hoped. 

“We apologize should you see fingerprints in your gadget, however we guarantee you your Razr is model new,” the notice concludes.

The brand new Razr is constructed from aluminum and Gorilla Glass 5, and can withstand being folded 200,000 times, Motorola tells us. However Motorola ships the cellphone in a particular field designed to double as a speaker base and exhibit the unfolded OLED display, and that is apparently given Amazon pause earlier than transport the $1,400 gadget.

Amazon didn’t instantly reply when requested if it alters the place of another telephones previous to transport.

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Ry Crist