What extra will we study the Youngster in season two of The Mandalorian? We’ll discover out quickly.
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We all know virtually nothing concerning the new season of The Mandalorian. Oh certain, there are rumors. There’s even been footage. However outdoors of some very vague statements (and many Child Yoda merch), we actually do not know the place the story goes or what surprises may very well be ready for us.

Except, effectively, you look again. The primary season of The Mandalorian is full of storylines left dangling and relationships that go unexplained. Any a type of threads may maintain the keys to what occurs when season two debuts this week. Simply in case you don’t have time for a rewatch earlier than season two, we went by the primary season of The Mandalorian once more and attempt to discover all of the unanswered questions. All of the potential teases of what’s to return. All of the tiny asides or information you will have forgotten however that may very well be necessary. We don’t really know if any of this comes again, but it surely may, and now you’ll be ready.

Potential Allies


Cara Dune and Greef Karga appear to be joined by Mythrol in season two.
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Mythrol – Performed by Horatio Sanz, this wished alien is the primary bounty we see Mando seize on the present. That they had an excellent little rapport however after freezing him in carbonite, we by no means hear from him once more. Effectively, in the latest footage, we see him return.

Dr. Pershing – Performed by Omid Abtahi, he’s the physician the Consumer (RIP) has to take care of and the one who ran exams on the Youngster. Mando leaves Pershing alive when he captures the Youngster again, however Pershing clearly has extra data about the Youngster’s potential. He may very well be an excellent particular person to speak with.

Omera – Performed by Julia Jones, Omera is a robust, single mom dwelling within the village Mando and Cara help defend on Sorgan. She and Mando develop a close to romantic relationship which may, very simply, come again once more. Plus, she’s a talented warrior dwelling in a village of farmers. We nonetheless don’t know the way or why.

The Armorer – Performed by Emily Swallow, the Armorer leads the Mandalorian hideout on Navarro, which is pressured to disband after they reveal themselves to assist Mando save the Youngster. She may be very educated concerning the galaxy and survives by the tip of the season. She’d be an excellent ally.

Peli Motto – Performed by Amy Sedaris, she’s a mechanic in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. That’s a reasonably historic place in Star Wars lore and he or she additionally occurs to be an excellent childsitter. Fixes ships and may help with the Youngster? Looks as if an individual it’s your decision in your aspect.

Potential Foes


There’s a historical past right here.
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Mayfield, Xi’an, Burg – Performed by Invoice Burr, Natalia Tena, and Clancy Brown respectively, the trio was left to rot on a New Republic jail ship after betraying our hero. We assume the human, Twi’lek, and Devaronian will simply go to jail from there, however they’re a artful group. It’s seemingly they’ll escape, and be very upset with Mando.

Fennec Shand – Performed by Ming-Na Wen, this elite murderer is believed to be useless. And but…a mysterious, presumably Mandalorian, stranger standing over her physique on the finish of Chapter 5 suggests in any other case. If revived, she’d have fairly the bone to select with Mando for her seize. Plus, she is aware of about his historical past.

Qin – Performed by Ismael Cruz Córdova, he’s the male Twi’lek Mando and the crew rescue in Chapter 6. There’s an excellent likelihood he’s useless but when not, he clearly has actual points with Mando from the previous.

Historical past Unexplained


The one factor we find out about season two is that Moff Gideon performs an enormous position.
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Moff Gideon – We all know for a undeniable fact that Moff Gideon goes to be a foe in season two, in order that’s why he’s not on that a part of our record. What we don’t know past that’s, effectively, every little thing. How did he get the Darksaber? What was his particular position within the purge of Mandalore? How a lot does he find out about Mando, Cara, and Greef? If the Empire is gone, why is he nonetheless thriving? Chapter eight touched on all this a bit, however there’s a lot extra to seek out out about this evil character, performed by Giancarlo Esposito.

Cara Dune – Although she turns into a important participant, and we all know she was a Insurgent Shock Trooper, we don’t know a lot about what occurred in between. She teases she did some unhealthy issues that will have put a bounty on her head, and that she’s from Alderaan, however most of her historical past stays a thriller.

Ranzar Malk – The bearded man (Mark Boone Junior) who places collectively a crew in Chapter 6 finally ends up dying, we expect, when Insurgent X-Wings blow up his house station. Earlier than that although, we study he and Mando, in addition to Xi’an, was a crew, they usually did very unhealthy issues. It may very effectively be an important piece of Mando’s previous that wants exploring.

Xi’an – Talking of Xi’an earlier, it’s strongly implied she and Mando had a romantic relationship prior to now. Did they? Might that play a job transferring forward?

Burning Questions


Our greatest season two query: Who’s WWE celebrity Sasha Banks taking part in?
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  • The Mandalorian at all times offers a part of his bounties to the foundlings. The place are these foundlings? Who watches them? We by no means discover out.
  • We first meet the Youngster on Arvala-7 however we don’t know the way he received there or who captured him. What’s the story?
  • IG-11 was programmed to kill the Youngster. However the Consumer and Pershing wished him alive, if doable. That disconnect between the Guild’s objective and the Empire’s could develop into necessary.
  • Earlier than Mando decides to interrupt out the Youngster, he virtually takes the bounty on a wished Mon Calamari—a “nobleman’s son who skipped bail” and may be discovered within the “ocean dunes of Karnac.” It by no means comes again up but it surely looks as if a number of info to only depart on the market.
  • Dr. Pershing is meant to extract the “essential supplies” from the Youngster. We assume it’s midichlorians however we don’t know for certain, or what the plan was earlier than Mando got here again.
  • The place did the underground Mandalorians on Nevarro relocate to, and what number of made it out alive?
  • The Bounty Hunters Guild: we hear rather a lot about them and their guidelines, however who runs it? The place are they? Possibly we’ll discover out.
  • Who’s the particular person who discovers the body of Fennic Shand?
  • Are Ranzar Malk and Qin, who’re on the platform on the finish of Chapter 6 when X-Wings shoot it up, really useless, or simply broken sufficient to have an actual unhealthy grudge with Mando?
  • “He means extra to me than you’ll ever know.” That’s what Moff Gideon says to Mando concerning the Youngster. Why? How a lot does he know? So many questions right here.
  • Was Mando on Mandalore throughout “The Evening of a Thousand Tears,” when the Empire destroyed the planet and far of its folks?

Random Details


Mudhorn. Clan of two.
Picture: Disney Plus/Lucasfilm

  • The Razor Crest is a ship that was made earlier than the Empire, making it virtually undetectable by conventional radars and such.
  • Earlier than she’s killed, Fennic Shand says she has a rendezvous in Mos Espa. It’s in all probability only a throwaway line of dialogue but it surely’s presumably noteworthy if her story comes up once more.
  • Mando has not taken his masks off in entrance of a dwelling factor since he was a baby. It’s a streak that, regardless of the viewers having seen his face, stays intact going into season two.
  • The Youngster is now the surrogate son of Din Djarin. Mando should increase him within the methods of the Mandalorian or return him to his folks. That is the best way.

We’ll have to attend and see how a lot, if any of those, will probably be explored in season two of The Mandalorian, which debuts this Friday on Disney +.

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