Illustration for article titled These Manatees Are Returning to the Ocean After Years in Captivity

Picture: Erika Santelices / AFP (Getty Photos)

Manatees are mammals, which implies they’ve to come back as much as the floor to breathe air. Though they by no means depart the water, they normally come up for air each 5 minutes. By no means let it’s mentioned that manatees don’t like their downtime, although. Once they relaxation, they will maintain their breath for as much as 20 minutes. And after they exert nice quantities of vitality, they could floor each 30 seconds.

These light giants are herbivores and embody greater than 60 species of their eating regimen in addition to floating crops. They eat between 10% and 15% of their physique weight in meals on daily basis. Whereas they eat a variety of plant species, manatees favor sea grass on the seafloor, per the Department of the Interior. Specialists look to those sea mammals to guage the well being of ecosystems. If manatees are doing properly, it means their instant atmosphere can also be in good situation.

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