Samsung 860 Pro SSD

If you haven’t moved on from SATA-based SSDs yet, Samsung’s 860-series offer great performance for a reasonable price. It’s an older drive (launched in January of 2018), but it’ll be fast enough for everything you do on your non-enthusiast desktop. You’ll save money buying a similarly sized NVMe SSD—especially if you’re looking for 1TB+ capacities—but if you have no idea what that means, and simply want something speedy to replace slower HDDs in your PCs or gaming consoles, Samsung’s 860 Pro line is a good compromise of price and performance.

If you only care about price and need that upgrade for an older system, look elsewhere; Amazon’s offers for the Samsung, roughly 33-percent off, are fairly good, however you’ll be able to nonetheless do rather a lot higher in case you care extra about getting “any ol’ SSD” than “one of many quicker SSDs.”

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David Murphy on Lifehacker, shared by Kaitlyn Jakola to Gizmodo