10 foods you don’t want to cook in your Instant Pot. Trust us

Some Immediate Pot components are terrific. Others are an enormous no no.

Immediate Pot

You probably have an Instant Pot, you already know it will possibly handle a wide range of foods almost effortlessly and lower down the time it sometimes takes to cook dinner some meals like beans, rice and harder cuts of meat — generally by hours — all by means of the magic of even warmth and steam. 

Along with providing primary pressure cooking, some fashions and accessories can sterilize items and cook food via the sous-vide method. Others are Wi-Fi related, which is nice if that you must run errands whereas your meals cooks. The Immediate Pot model even has an air fryer you need to use to make rotisserie chicken and homemade beef jerky

But for all Immediate Pot’s flexibility and kitchen prowess, it will possibly’t cook dinner all the pieces safely, or if it will possibly, you might discover the outcomes inferior to extra conventional cooking strategies. Avoid these 10 components or dishes you should not attempt to cook dinner in your traditional Immediate Pot.

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eight important Immediate Pot ideas


Crunchy, crispy meals

Except you have bought a specialty mannequin, your Immediate Pot just isn’t a stress fryer and is not designed for the upper temperatures wanted to warmth cooking oil for one thing like crispy fried hen. In fact, an Immediate Pot is ideal for a dish like carnitas, however to get the ultimate crisp on the meat, after you take away the meat from the Immediate Pot, switch to a skillet and brown for a couple of minutes or on a baking sheet to crisp up in a sizzling oven.


Just like in a slow cooker, most dairy merchandise resembling cheese, milk and bitter cream will curdle in an Immediate Pot, irrespective of in the event you use the stress cooking setting or the sluggish cooking setting. Add these components after the dish cooks or keep away from making the recipe within the Immediate Pot altogether. 

There are two exceptions. One is whenever you’re making yogurt, and that is provided that you utilize a recipe particularly for an Immediate Pot. The opposite is in the event you’re making a cheesecake, and once more, provided that you are following an Immediate Pot recipe.


Whilst you technically can cook dinner pasta in an Immediate Pot, it might come out gummy or inconsistently cooked. Truthfully, until you do not have the choice, boiling the pasta in a pot on a stovetop is simply as quick and simple and can yield persistently higher cooked pasta.

Two recipes without delay

Cooking your roast with potatoes and carrots is a time honored recipe, proper? Not on this case. Do not attempt to cook dinner a fundamental dish with a facet dish in your Immediate Pot. They could match within the pot collectively, however every meals will want its personal cooking time. Cooking gadgets collectively will inevitably end in a dry or mushy mess.


You are not actually baking a cake in an Immediate Pot, you are steaming it. The cake will likely be moist — which works for one thing like bread pudding — however you will not get a pleasant crust on the cake or the chewy edges that everybody fights over with baked brownies. Nevertheless, in the event you do must toss stuff collectively for a potluck or fast household dessert, you may get a moist sponge in half an hour or so, excluding prep time.


Canning, the artwork of cooking and sealing meals in jars, is usually completed in a stress cooker. So, it might seem to be a good suggestion to make a batch of jams, pickles or jellies in your Instapot. Do not do it. 

With an Immediate Pot, you are not capable of monitor the temperature of what you are canning as you’d with an everyday stress cooker. With canning, cooking and sealing the meals appropriately is vital. Improper cooking and sealing can result in micro organism development that may trigger meals poisoning.

Whilst you need to keep away from canning with an Immediate Pot, a number of the newer fashions, such because the Duo Plus, do have a Sterilize setting that permits you to clear child bottles and kitchen gadgets like jars and utensils.

Uncommon or medium-rare meats

A stress cooker just isn’t a barbecue. An Immediate Pot does nice with harder cuts of meat — which the stress cooker can simply break down — however not so good with ones which might be finest eaten medium-rare, like a steak. Save these for the grill.

(If you’re on the lookout for beef recipes which might be good for an Immediate Pot, our companion web site Chowhound has a number of good collections for quick meals and summer dining.)

Yellow and crimson lentils

We love lentils, however not all of them could be cooked in an Immediate Pot. Brown and inexperienced lentils can maintain as much as stress cooking, however the extra delicate yellow and crimson variations flip to mush as a result of they cook dinner so shortly. Except you are purposely making lentil soup or dhal, keep on with cooking crimson and yellow lentils on the range to protect their texture and form.


Do not do this stylish methodology of cooking with most Immediate Pots fashions. The Instant Pot Max is an exception as a result of it provides you the power to precisely management cooking temperature. If you happen to do not personal an Immediate Pot that has that stage of management, you’re higher off using an Instant Pot attachment to do your sous-vide cooking, if you’re actually set on utilizing your stress cooker this manner.

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Basically, seafood resembling fish, oysters, shrimp, muscle tissue and clams are simply too delicate for stress cooking and sluggish cooking modes. They’re meals that should be cooked shortly at simply the proper temperature, which is difficult to do with an Immediate Pot. A couple of seconds too lengthy or on the mistaken temperature and you may find yourself with mush or rubbery lumps.

Moreover, fish, shellfish and crustaceans are simply cooked with different strategies, so breaking out the Immediate Pot for them will not assure higher outcomes, like it will possibly for harder meats.

The one exception is octopus and squid. Stress cooking these powerful creatures could make them tender whereas preserving the meat juicy. Simply you should definitely discover a recipe that’s particularly for the Immediate Pot.

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